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What is SEO? Do I need it? SEO Service Details SEO Pricing and Terms
What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it means making your website optimized for the internet's web browsers to find it, so you can get as much web traffic to your site as possible. Most of what's done to optimize your website is "behind the scenes" - that is, changes to the background of your website's HTML pages that will only be seen by internet web crawlers, and won't affect the look or functionality of your website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO
Who needs SEO?

If you own any of the following, you need to consider SEO as an essential part of your site development:

  • An e-Commerce website
  • An informational website
  • A ProStores website
  • An eBay store
  • A non-profit website
  • A for-profit blog
Why do I need an SEO professional? Is this something I can do myself?

The one thing we have found most website and eBay sellers are short on is TIME! There are so many different business aspects to be aware of and so many processes to remember - and your main focus should be on your customers, and your product line, where you have the most expertise.

If you were to individually purchase the software to maximize your website or eBay store's keywords and rankings, including subscriptions to Terapeak, Hammertap, CoffeeCup, SEO Elite, etc. you could expect to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars up front, plus monthly subscriptions well in excess of $250. PLUS you'd have to invest literally dozens and dozens of hours in learning how to use the software and reading trade industry newsletters such as SitePro News, SEOPro, Skip McGrath's eBay Seller's News, Ina Steiner's AuctionBytes, and more, just to stay on top of the latest news an information on how to keep your store maximized for the greatest sales potential.

Instead of struggling through all of this on your own - why not let us do all this for you instead, so you can maximize on our experience, software, and expertise!