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Email Postcard Promotional Ads

An e-postcard ad is the quickest and most effective way to reach your existing customer base and keep them updated on what you have to offer. Colorful and eye-catching, they generally rely on vibrant photos and light copy text to convey your message to customers, vendors, suppliers, or peers. Use e-postcard mailings to:

  • Keep your name, brand, and logo in the forefront of buyers' minds
  • Thank previous customers with a special discount on their next order
  • Announce new products, lines, or categories available in your webstore
  • Offer special discounts such as free shipping or percent savings
  • Promote traffic to your physical storefront
  • Let customers know about a special event you'll be attending/participating in
  • Say thank you for continued customer patronage
  • Announce new store hours, new store location, or new customer services
  • Promote holiday shopping with special services such as free gift wrap or expedited shipping
  • Or just about any other creative use you can think of!

If you have (or are ready to set up) an email communications software account with a company such as ConstantContact or MobileStorm, your e-postcard ad can be designed with full HTML, including the following:

  • An ad banner with your logo and store colors
  • Prominent shopping links to your store's main selling categories
  • Product photos and text copy (provided by you) with your promotional message
  • Additional custom graphics and backgrounds (provided by us) to fill out the design
  • Your store customer service contact information for questions or orders
  • Option of direct purchase button(s) within the email (via PayPal)
  • Custom footer with additional "small print" information text regarding the special promotion

If you do not have (and do not want to use) an email communications software account, don't worry! You can still send out an e-postcard ad to your customer mailing list. In this case, your ad will be designed as a single 800x600 web optimized image that you can paste into your email window (using Outlook, Gmail, or any other HTML-supported email program) and send to as many email addresses as you would like.

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