Contract Terms

We are a custom design service, and as such, we spend a great deal of time on your project from start to finish. It is very important that you understand the process and are able to provide answers to your design process survey and specific feedback to the mock-ups you will be provided at each step. In order to keep our design packages affordable, there are a maximum number of mock-ups and revision steps that we provide for each phase of the design process. We are happy to provide additional options beyond the package parameters for a small fee.


Based on the design package you selected, here is what you can expect from your design process:

Step 1: SURVEY

At the beginning of your project, you will be sent our New Project Survey. We have developed these questions through years of experience, to best help us understand your needs and desires for the project. Please take the time to fill it out as thoroughly as you can. Incomplete or vague survey answers can add days or weeks, and possibly additional charges, to your design process. If you encounter any questions while filling out the survey, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help.

Step 2: FONTS

You will be provided with a selection of font options and color options for your new design. You may select from the options you are provided, or ask for a second set of options. If you are requesting a new selection, please be specific as to what you like and dislike, so we may provide you with a tailored selection that will meet your desires.

Step 3: COLORS

Choose from up to 12 different color combination options based on your survey answers regarding color scheme. Once you choose 2 to 4 favorites, you will be provided full-screen mock-ups of your selections, for a final selection. One additional modification of the final color selection may be included. Additional color concepts may be provided for an additional fee of $25 per 4 full-screen mock-ups.

Step 4: LOGO

If you have purchased an original logo design, up to 3 logo mock-ups will be created exclusively for your review, based on your survey answers. We will provide up to 2 revision steps on the logo concept of your choice. Additional logo concepts may be purchased separately for $100 per page of 3 logo concepts.

If you have purchased a website package without an original logo design, you will be provided with a text logo in the font and color selections of your choice. You may also use an existing store logo.


Your store banner will incorporate your choice of store title/logo and color scheme from the previous steps. It will also include the desired store navigation links that you provided in your survey answers, and may also include product images or stock photography images. You will need to provide any product images that will be used. We will provide you with a selection of stock photography images, if needed, or you may select your own from and we will purchase them for you (up to 3 maximum banner images). Up to 4 banner layout options will be provided to you for review. We will provide 1 revision step on the banner concept of your choice. Additional banner layout options may be purchased separately for $100 per 4 layouts.


The homepage design is a culmination of all the previous steps plus your responses to the design survey questions. It is extremely time intensive, as we design every website page completely from scratch, to your exact specifications and needs. We will provide one homepage layout concept that we feel best meets your requirements, and up to 2 revision steps on the layout prior to coding and installation. If you are dissatisfied with the layout concept provided, you may request a second homepage layout concept. Additional homepage layout concepts beyond the initial two may be purchased for $80 each.

Once you have selected a final homepage layout, you will have the opportunity to provide 2 minor revision steps. The final revision steps will apply only to your final homepage layout selected. If either revision step requires more than 2 hours of redesign work, or if you request additional revision steps beyond the two provided with your package price, there is an additional fee assessed at our standard rate of $50/hour.


Your design package specifies how many sub-pages will be included with your new design. These pages will feature the same store banner/masthead, left navigation bar (if applicable), and a similar theme to your selected homepage layout.

Included in your design package price are the layout and background graphics for these sub-pages, including a custom page title, up to 500 words of text, and up to 3 images (in addition to the design background images). You will need to provide all text and images to be included in your website's sub-pages. We will format all text provided, including titles, subtitles, paragraphs, links, bullet lists, and simple text tables, where needed. Also included is a "return to store home" button at the bottom of each page.

The most common uses for website sub-pages include:

You will have an opportunity to review the final layout of your sub-pages prior to coding and installation. You will be responsible for proof-reading all text on these pages. We do not currently provide copy or proofreading services with the design packages.

If your sub-pages' revision step requires more than 1 hour of redesign/recoding work, if your text and/or images exceeds the maximum sub-page limit of 500 words and 3 images, or if you request additional revision steps after your first round of revisions is completed, there is an additional fee assessed at our standard hourly rate (see above). Additional fees will also apply if you require special features such as require additional graphics, javascript, or flash that are not included in the package price.


Upon final approval of your design pages, you will be asked to submit your final payment (unless payment was provided in full at the start of your project).

When we have received your cleared payment, we will begin the coding and installation process. Once this step has begun, it is VERY difficult for us to make additional changes to the colors, images, or design layout of your web pages; if such changes are requested subsequent to final approval, an additional charge will be assessed based on our standard hourly rate (see above).

After your web pages are installed, please take the time to review all of the text and links, and send us any modifications that need to be made within 7 days or less. There is no fee assessed for text or link changes within this installation and review period. Changes made after the 7 day review period will be assessed an additional charge based on our standard hourly rate (see above).

Step 9: AUCTION TEMPLATE (eBay only)

The final step in the design process for eBay packages is the auction listing template. Your template will be designed with the same banner and same layout concept as your storefront, for consistent branding. Since your design elements have already been finalized, one layout concept will be provided with 2 minor revision steps, if needed. Additional layout concepts may be purchased for $80 per design. Additional revision steps will be billed at our standard hourly rate (see above).

Once the final auction listing template design is approved, we will begin the coding and installation process. The coding process depends greatly on how you are listing your items to eBay, as follows:

eBay Sell Your Item form or TurboLister
You will be provided with an HTML file of your custom designer listing template and complete instructions for use.

Auctiva, BlackthornePro, ChannelAdvisor, Inkfrog, SellerSourceBook, Vendio
We will code and install your auction template for use with your listing software program. We are familiar with the requirements of each of these software programs. You will need to provide your account login information so that we may install the new custom template. We will also need to preview and test the template from within your account, which may require a sample listing to be run.

Once your template file is provided/installed, you will need to run one or two test listings through to eBay, to ensure proper functionality, and provide us with any requested changes within 7 days. Additional changes beyond the 7 day review period will be assessed an additional charge based on our standard hourly rate (see above).

Step 10: BACKUP

We strongly recommend that you back up all images and HTML files used in your new design process on a separate disk or hard drive, in case of an error or software glitch. We will also keep backup copies of your files.


The following additional terms apply to all design projects contracted with JennarationX Designs.


We will include a copyright line at the bottom of all design pages to protect your content as well as our design. It is required that you leave this copyright line intact, including our third party credit and website link. Your new logo, as well as all of your product images and text information, are your property and protected by this copyright. However, the copyright for the design layout of your custom website and/or auction listing template is retained by JennarationX Designs. This means you are not permitted to move, re-use, or sell your design, in full or in part, to another website URL or another party. You can also trust that we will never re-use or resell your custom design to another client.


Since all of the graphics and coding work that we do is completely customized and done by hand, and we do not use generic templates or automated software to develop your designs, time frames for completion can vary widely. Average completion times may be provided on request for the scope of your project; however, you need to be aware that these times are not guarantees. Many factors will affect the completion time of your design, from survey to implementation, including: the length of our waiting list, the time of year you contract for your project (especially around the winter holidays), how quickly we receive your deposit and survey, how thoroughly your survey questions are answered, how complex your overall design is, how many pages you are receiving, how many revision steps you request, and how quickly we are able to communicate back and forth. Due to the variations in all of these factors, we cannot provide guaranteed delivery dates or windows for your project completion or installation.


All of the work that we do is custom and requires a high level of technical and aesthetic skill. We put many hours into research and design for each individual job that we take, and much of this time and effort is employed at the onset of your design process; therefore, our pricing is structured accordingly.

If your design project is $300 or less, you will be asked to submit your full payment at the start of your project. Should you subsequently choose to cancel the project prior to completion/installation, you may request a reimbursement of your payment, less the amount attributable to the labor hours already invested in the research and design of your project at the time of cancellation.

If your design project exceeds $300, you will be asked to submit a 50% deposit at the start of your project. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable, should you subsequently choose to cancel the project prior to completion/installation of your design.

Your final balance is due on completion of the design to your complete satisfaction, prior to installation of the site design onto your website, eBay store, auction listing software, or other online account or digital file. Once payment is received in full, your design transfer will be started within 72 hours or less.


Please allow adequate time for the installation and testing process. We will be responsible for global store settings relating to your design (fonts, colors, etc.) Please note that we are NOT responsible for the management of your webstore, including: category setup, inventory listing or editing, or other website management. This is the responsibility of your website administrator.

**Please note that your deposit paid indicates your acceptance of the above terms of sale.**

We thank you in advance for your compliance, and we hope that you'll be more than satisfied with your design services and experience with JennarationX Designs. Thank you!